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Looe MuseumThe East Looe Town Trust was established by Trust Deed in 1890 after the former East Looe Town Council ceased to exist. It was registered as a Charity in 1964.

The Charity is now regulated by a scheme of the Charity Commissioners dated 28 May 1980. Our Charity Commission number is 234116. Click here www.charity-commission.gov.uk and enter our number to see our information.


The primary purpose of the Trust is to administer, manage and maintain the property and land specified in the schedule attached to the Trust Deed, for the benefit of the people of Looe. This land and property includes the East Looe Promenade and beach, the Wooldown and the Guildhall. A full list is shown below.

Subject to payments for those purposes and for the administration of the Trust, it may apply Trust income for a range of charitable purposes within East Looe.

Services to the public


The Beach and Seafront are at the heart of Looe’s tourist attractions and the Trustees give priority to keeping them in good order.

NEW: for details about public performances allowed on the seafront, visit the East Looe Beach page.

The Wooldown is an open space of great value to the community and, with the help of Friends of the Wooldown, we look after that, too. Services such as these are normally provided by local Councils with the power to levy taxes for the purpose.

We are also responsible for the Museum which is run by volunteers.

The Guildhall is one of the town’s finest buildings and provides an excellent venue for weddings.

Spaces in our car parks are available to residents on an annual basis at prices which vary according to location.


Stained Glass WindowThe Trust’s properties are:-

  • Guildhall and environs, Fore Street.
  • Market House, Upper Market Street.
  • Old Guildhall Museum and Gaol, Upper Market Street.
  • Seafront Workshop, Church End.
  • Pier Café, Church End.
  • Beach Café, Church End.
  • Old Lifeboat Station and Watchtower, Church End.
  • The Gig House, Church End.
  • East Looe Promenade and beach – to low tide mark
  • Wooldown and Eastcliff
  • Shutta Car Park
  • Market Square Car Park
  • Seafront Car Park


The Trust’s accounts have to be submitted to the Charity Commission annually. Our recent financial history is shown in this chart.

If you want to see the accounts most recently submitted to the Charity Commission click here www.charity-commission.gov.uk and enter our Charity number 234116.