Residentsand businesses in and around Looe and Liskeard are being asked to make thequality of Looe's bathing water their business as part of a new campaign to helpLooe pass new more stringent bathing water quality standards.

The campaignis being led by the Looe Bathing Water Partnership - a collaboration hosted byEast Looe Town Trust. The Partnership was formed a year ago when Looe TownCouncil and East Looe Town Trust joined the Environment Agency, South WestWater and other key organisations working together to do everything they can toensure the East Looe Beach passes the revised bathing water standards in 2016

In the firstweek of June, a distinctive new LoveLooe Beach leaflet will be delivered to all homes and businesses with Looeand Liskeard postcodes explaining how simple steps can reduce the risk of poorbathing water quality.

John Warne,East Looe Town Trust Chairman, said "This campaign has the commitment ofpartners who will be continuing their work to maintain and improve bathingwater quality, but now we need the help of local businesses, residents, andvisitors. We all share the responsibility to keep pollutants out of the river.The quality of Looe's bathing water is critical to the economy of Looe andSouth East Cornwall. "

This summer,a project officer with Cornwall Wildlife Trust will be responsible for liaisingwith businesses, schools and householders to encourage them to take action.This appointment is an extension of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust's current projectworking successfully with farmers to reduce pollution from agricultural sources. She will be based in the East Looe Town Trustoffices in the Guildhall

PartnershipChairman, Looe's Mayor, Cllr. Armand Toms said: "If we pull together tokeep pollution out of the rivers, we help protect East Looe Beach."