Therecently announced “poor” rating for Looe is a disappointing result. Ourbathing water quality is in fact improving but we are still not quite meetingthe higher standards required by a new EU Directive. This is despite all thework done by the Looe Bathing Water Quality Partnership to meet the challengeand the recent major works in Looe and Liskeard by South West Water to improvethe sewerage systems.

Theoutcome is largely the result of river water bringing down agricultural andurban run-off after heavy rainfall and mixing with surrounding sea water fromwhich the samples are taken. There have been only five occasions in 2015 whenthis has been an issue but under the new rules this is just enough to push usinto the poor category.

Weshall continue to work with everyone involved, especially the EnvironmentAgency, in identifying more precisely what is giving rise to the problem andwhat more can be done to improve next year’s results.


Nowthat Looe Town Council have closed the former Ladies’ toilets and opened newand much improved facilities we are taking professional advice on the best useof this area. As a charity we arerequired to do what is best for the Trust and our primary objective will be togenerate an ongoing income stream. Without this it will become increasingly difficult for us to maintain the services weprovide for the town like maintaining the beach, seafront, Wooldown and a number of old properties, including the Guildhall and Museum.


TheTrust is pleased to be making a contribution to the town’s festive appearance,including by way of the Guildhall Christmas tree and lighting. We shall beagain supporting the Churches Together in Looe and District Christmas lunch forvulnerable local people.

Wetake this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a healthy andpeaceful New Year.