News - March 2016


We were pleased to take part in theSocieties Day event held on 27th February to make known theactivities of the many different organisations in Looe. It was striking that anumber of people were not aware of our role and the services we provide for thetown and its visitors. So, for those not in the know, this gives a flavour ofwhat we do and why.

Taking the “why” first, in the 1890s (yes, that long ago) theformer East Looe Town Council and former West Looe Town Council decided to put alltheir property into trust so that the successor body, a unified Looe Town Council,could not take over these assets. As a result the East Looe Town Trust, aregistered charity, owns open areas like the beach, seafront and theWooldown; as well as buildings, including the Old Guildhall and Gaol, housing theMuseum, the “new” (1878) Guildhall and a number of other old properties.

The “what” is essentially themaintenance of all these areas and buildings for the benefit of the communitynow and in the future. We have threemembers of staff, one in the office and two keeping the public areas lookingattractive and the buildings in a proper state of repair. All of this can beexpensive and we receive no grant from Cornwall Council or Looe Town Councilfor these purposes. Our income derives mainly from leases and the seafront carpark which, accompanied by constant downward pressure on costs, enable us(just) to balance the books. Where funds are available we make modest localcharitable donations.

We are often surprised by some of theissues that we have to deal with like waste removal and bathing water qualitybut it all serves to keep us on our toes! We strive to work cooperatively withthe town’s other bodies and the benefits of that are seen in developments likethe Looe Bathing Water Quality Partnership.

We try to keep the public informed inarticles like this, on our website ( and through socialmedia. We welcome interest and enquiries and, within our limited resources willtry to respond as best we can.


Along with many others we werevery saddened by the news of Neil’s death. His wife, Barbara, was our MuseumCurator for 14years before she stood down in 2015. As in everything else theydid, this was very much a joint effort alongside our splendid team of museumvolunteers. Neil contributed enormously to the legacy that, as a result, we andfuture generations can enjoy. We are grateful to this fine gentleman and willmiss him greatly.


March 2016