Plans for unused Ladies' PC Block, Guildhall


Anyone who was unable to attend the public consultation day on 16th April is welcome to view the plans, and complete a comment sheet, in the Council Chamber at the Guildhall until Tuesday, 10th May. 

Feel free to drop in when the office is open to the public between 10 am and 1 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If those times are not convenient, please ring the office on 01503 263709 to arrange a convenient time and date. For those unable to come into the Guildhall, the proposal can be viewed below.

In putting forward this proposal the Trust has been guided by three key objectives:-

  1. To guard against the site becoming a public eyesore;
  2. To make it useful and visually attractive as an important town centre location;
  3. To provide a long term income stream for the Trust. This will better enable us to maintain the services that we provide for the town (without any local government grants) including maintenance of the beach, seafront and Wooldown as well as the Museum and a number of other old properties. All this is important to the success of the town and its economy.

02A Proposed Plans.Option One.pdf