News - November 2016




Looe Beach has been liftedout of its “poor” bathing water classification. The improved classification to“sufficient” comes after this year’s weekly Environment Agency water sampleswere reviewed in combination with the poor results in 2015. The beach gainedcredit because the Trust, as beach owners, displayed daily predictionsthroughout the season to keep the public informed of possible problems

The upgrade reflectssupport from many local people to appeals to ensure that the wrong things donot get into the sewerage system. It also repays a great deal of hard work byall the organisations involved in the Looe Bathing Water Quality Partnership.There is, however, no room for complacency; we could slip back again if thesecollective efforts are not maintained.


The Trust has beenaccepted by Charity Commission as a CharitableIncorporated Organisation (CIO). This is a new legal entity established bythe Charities Act 2006 enabling charities to incorporate and gain the benefitscurrently available to companies without the burden of dual regulation by boththe Commission and Companies House. Thechange of status came into effect on 1st October.

In practical terms thisdoes not substantially affect what we do, but it has enabled us to moderniseour Constitution (dating from 1890) to conform with the Commission’s decisionson what are and are not proper charitable objects. Other changes includeextending the area of benefit (i.e. the territory within which we can makecharitable donations) from just East Looe to the whole of Looe. The number ofTrustees remains at eight but with two, rather than four, being nominated bythe Town Council. All of this will be reflected on our website and documentswhen details are finalised.


We are pleased towelcome back, Cllr. Chris Rose, oncea Trust Chairman, to fill a vacancy for the second of the Town Council’snominees.

We also warmly welcome Anona Vazquez-Masson who is to jobshare with our current Administration Manager, Judy Martin. Judy will be reducing her hours from the New Year, tocoincide with her husband’s retirement.


An ornate silver keyhas been kindly donated to the Trust by Mr Anthony Peter. We are very gratefulto him. The key was originally presented to James R Bishop in recognition ofhis services to the town when the new Guildhall was built in the 1870s. MrBishop then passed it down to his adopted son, Reginald Peter, who was thesecond Trust Chairman, from 1907 to 1915 and whose portrait hangs in theGuildhall chamber. Anthony Peter, Reginald’s great grandson, decided that thekey’s rightful home was the Trust and it will be put on display in the Museumin due course. A fuller account should appear in the Cornish Times later.

John Warne and fellow Trustees