News - March 2017



The Trust strongly supports the proposals set out recently by the Harbour Commissioners,Environment Agency and Cornwall Council. We have two particular interests. A number of the buildings which we are required to maintain are old and listed.Protecting them from further deterioration is vital. Equally importantly, the quality of bathing water is a continuing issue for the town and the proposed extension of the banjo pier would make a significant difference by diverting river water further out to sea so that it does not mix with bathing water immediately off the beach.


Congratulations and warm thanks to the volunteers who have worked tirelessly throughout the winter months to give the museum a major facelift for its opening on 3rd April. This is part of the effort to further widen its appeal, especially to young people. The Trust is pleased to have been able to increase its funding of the museum this year. We and the Museum Management Committee are also grateful for a substantial grant from Viridor for improved lighting, which will permit much better presentation of displays.


Cornwall Council has now decided to discontinue the collection of rubbish from bins on privately owned land even though the public have unrestricted access to it. This on top of a decision a couple of years ago to charge the Trust for the removal of the tons of litter coming from the beach and seafront (even though our staff collect it all and deliver it to a central point for loading) - at a cost to us of some £8,500 per year. The latest decision is to be implemented by the end of March so existing bins in the Rose Garden and on the Wishing Well site will be removed. The Council is said to be increasing the number/capacity of bins on the streets.


We were pleased to come to the rescue when it looked as if the celebrations arranged by the Looe Old Cornwall Society were in danger of being rained off. At short notice we were able to make the Guildhall available, free of charge, to the delight especially of the many participating schoolchildren. Their enthusiasm and flag waving would have lifted the hearts of all good Cornish folk, born or adopted.

JohnWarne and fellow Trustees