News - May 2017




Work will be completed shortly on replacing the flat roof over the Council Offices and Tourist Information Centre. It has been patched over many years but after further deterioration nothing short of a new one would now be sufficient. It will cost the Trust about £15,000, which again illustrates the importance to the Trust of maintaining income streams to permit the maintenance of the various properties for which we are responsible as well as the beach, seafront and Wooldown.


When the Council closed the former ladies’ toilets by the Guildhall and replaced them with new ones around the corner the property reverted to the Trust. As previously reported, after public consultation we obtained the necessary planning consents to convert the building into a cafe/restaurant. A public tendering process identified a preferred bidder and work is in hand to complete a lease. Building work to create the shell (on the same scale as before) should commence in a matter of weeks, the aim being to permit opening by about September. This will represent a substantial investment by the Trust but we are satisfied on the professional advice which we have received throughout the exercise that the rental return on it will help to provide significantly improved long term financial security for the Trust.


As in other parts of the town, attention seekers have caused criminal damage by spraying graffition the seafront. Our staff are to be congratulated by acting quickly to remove it. A significant cost is involved because the process can take a long time andthe materials required are expensive. A good deal of cooperative effort is being made to address the issue and if readers have any knowledge that they cancontribute please be in touch with our office in the Guildhall or the Town Council.

John Warne and fellow Trustees