Therecently announced “poor” rating for Looe is a disappointing result. Ourbathing water quality is in fact improving but we are still not quite meetingthe higher standards required by a new EU Directive. This is despite all thework done by the Looe Bathing Water Quality Partnership to meet the challengeand the recent major works in Looe and Liskeard by South West Water to improvethe sewerage systems.

Theoutcome is largely the result of river water bringing down agricultural andurban run-off after heavy rainfall and mixing with surrounding sea water fromwhich the samples are taken. There have been only five occasions in 2015 whenthis has been an issue but under the new rules this is just enough to push usinto the poor category.

Weshall continue to work with everyone involved, especially the EnvironmentAgency, in identifying more precisely what is giving rise to the problem andwhat more can be done to improve next year’s results.


Nowthat Looe Town Council have closed the former Ladies’ toilets and opened newand much improved facilities we are taking professional advice on the best useof this area. As a charity we arerequired to do what is best for the Trust and our primary objective will be togenerate an ongoing income stream. Without this it will become increasingly difficult for us to maintain the services weprovide for the town like maintaining the beach, seafront, Wooldown and a number of old properties, including the Guildhall and Museum.


TheTrust is pleased to be making a contribution to the town’s festive appearance,including by way of the Guildhall Christmas tree and lighting. We shall beagain supporting the Churches Together in Looe and District Christmas lunch forvulnerable local people.

Wetake this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a healthy andpeaceful New Year.



Museumseeks volunteer guides

The Museum needs to recruit new volunteer guides tohelp maintain its present opening hours. It is owned and maintained by theTrust and we are strongly committed to its long term future. But we dependentirely on our excellent team of volunteer guides to keep it open.

Volunteer Dan O’Connell says:- “The work is not hard and the enjoyment so manydisplay on hearing the many fascinating stories about Looe is so rewarding. Volunteerswill receive training and the information available in the files and foldersenables each to mug up on aspects that interest them. They usually work inpairs. Volunteers have no problem in saying “I don’t know” in response toquestions; you are not expected to know everything or even anything when youstart. Most of us were completely green but keen when we started.”

The Museum consistently receives good reviews onvisitor feedback websites, which is in no small part due to the friendly andhelpful reception they get from the volunteers. All that is required is acommitment to a half or full day a week at the Museum (it is closed in winter).For further details please contact the Trust office on 01503 263709.

Looe’sCoastal Community Team

Colin Tregear’s article elsewhere in this editionreports on the formation of the town’s Coastal Community Team and an initialgrant. The Trust is delighted to be part of the Team and we have been active,in close cooperation with the other local organisations involved, to putforward a bid to help protect the heritage of Looe. If successful this couldproduce a modest amount of grant funding to help to improve the interior of theMuseum (we spent £27,000 of our own money on major external repairs last year)and to protect the important stained glass windows in the Guildhall.

Anew member of staff

We are pleased to announce the recruitment of SteveCole to fill a vacancy in our two man maintenance team. Steve has already madea favourable impression in his work on the seafront and brings valuable skillsthat should help us to keep on top of our property maintenance programme.

News - July 2015



The LOVE LOOE BEACH brochure produced by the Looe BathingPartnership has been delivered to some 16,000 homes and businesses throughoutthe Liskeard (PL14) and Looe (PL13) postal areas. It advises on how we can allhelp to reduce pollution through the proper disposal of waste products. Therehas been a lot of positive feedback on the brochure and also good Presscoverage. There is no room for complacency for, unless we keep pollutants out,the quality of bathing water at East Looe beach will be classified as “Poor”,with a negative impact on the town.

The Trust is pleased to have provided facilities to enableAmelia Bridges, the project officer for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, to operatefrom our offices to help maintain public awareness. Amelia is focussing on reducing urban run-offpollution from households and businesses within the catchment by raisingawareness of the issues and educating people about how they can help.


We are sorry to have to announce that BarbaraBirchwood-Harper, who has been the Curator of Looe Museum for 14 years, has hadto stand down for health reasons. During her tenure Barbara has overseen manyimprovements to help to achieve the success that the Museum is today. This hasbeen particularly demanding in recent years in order to reach the standards nowrequired for full accreditation. In this she has been supported by her husband,Neil, and a dedicated team of volunteers without whom it could not remain opento provide the experience on which locals and visitors alike regularly commentfavourably. We are grateful to them all and shall greatly miss the commitment,enthusiasm and professionalism that Barbara has brought to the task, giving sogenerously of her time.

The Board will now be considering, in consultation with thevolunteers and others, how best to structure the future management of theMuseum. Would anyone interested in this or in becoming a volunteer pleasecontact the Trust by Email ( telephone (01503 263709).


Following cuts made to youth services by Cornwall Councilthe continuation of this popular project for young people in Looe was facingclosure. The Trust is delighted to have been among the town organisations pullingtogether to contribute to the funding necessary to secure its future.


July/August 2015



Residentsand businesses in and around Looe and Liskeard are being asked to make thequality of Looe's bathing water their business as part of a new campaign to helpLooe pass new more stringent bathing water quality standards.

The campaignis being led by the Looe Bathing Water Partnership - a collaboration hosted byEast Looe Town Trust. The Partnership was formed a year ago when Looe TownCouncil and East Looe Town Trust joined the Environment Agency, South WestWater and other key organisations working together to do everything they can toensure the East Looe Beach passes the revised bathing water standards in 2016

In the firstweek of June, a distinctive new LoveLooe Beach leaflet will be delivered to all homes and businesses with Looeand Liskeard postcodes explaining how simple steps can reduce the risk of poorbathing water quality.

John Warne,East Looe Town Trust Chairman, said "This campaign has the commitment ofpartners who will be continuing their work to maintain and improve bathingwater quality, but now we need the help of local businesses, residents, andvisitors. We all share the responsibility to keep pollutants out of the river.The quality of Looe's bathing water is critical to the economy of Looe andSouth East Cornwall. "

This summer,a project officer with Cornwall Wildlife Trust will be responsible for liaisingwith businesses, schools and householders to encourage them to take action.This appointment is an extension of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust's current projectworking successfully with farmers to reduce pollution from agricultural sources. She will be based in the East Looe Town Trustoffices in the Guildhall

PartnershipChairman, Looe's Mayor, Cllr. Armand Toms said: "If we pull together tokeep pollution out of the rivers, we help protect East Looe Beach."

Trust News May/June 2015



We were pleased to arrange the lighting ofthe Wooldown beacon on the evening of 8th May as part of theanniversary event organised by the Town Council and the British Legion. Looewas fortunate to be able to mark this important anniversary in such anappropriate and traditional way.


The quality of bathing water at East LooeBeach will be classified as 'Poor' unless we keep pollutants out of theriver.Cornwall Council would have alegal obligation to ensure signs are displayed advising against swimming.Discover how you can help by watching out forthe distinctive LOVE LOOE BEACH brochure that will be delivered to homes andbusinesses in Looe and Liskeard by Royal Mail during the first week of June.The Trust, and Looe Town Council, have joined the Environment Agency, SouthWest Water, and leading town organisations in the Looe Bathing WaterPartnership.We are working together todo everything we can to ensure our East Looe Beach passes the stringent new EUbathing water standards from 2016.


Our soundings about likely demand for kayakstorage adjacent to the beach led us to build a rack to accommodate twelve.Fortunately, the number of applicants matched precisely the number of spacesavailable. Permits, with terms and conditions, have now been issued. Anyone whodid not spot our earlier notices and would like to be added to a waiting listshould send their name and contact details to Judy Martin in the GuildhallTrust office (tel. 01503263709 or by Email:


Warm congratulations to Wally Scarah whoretired as Trust Manager in 2013. At the Mayor making ceremony on11th May Wallywas made a Burgess of Looe in recognition of his work for the town in variouscapacities over the years.